Instructor Sarah Harvey, Psychic Medium & Social Media Mentor

Psychic Medium & Social Media Mentor

Sarah Harvey

✨Have you ever been to the point that you feel like you’re choosing between your career and your family? ✨I felt that way and I wanted to be able to be there for the milestones my young children were going through. When I was growing up my mother only had part time jobs. She never found a career that she could be proud of. She passed away in 2008. It was soon after that when I realized that if I wanted to achieve success in business and spend time with my family I was going to need to somehow find a way. ✨In 2011, I was offered a position as an Independent Contractor for an Insurance Company. At that point I made it my mission to learn as much about marketing and running a small business as I could. I achieved a lot with that company, but after 10 years I decided that I wanted a business that was in line with my spirituality. ✨In 2020, I opened the Psychic Medium School. I had a lot of my own success offering readings on Etsy and I decided it was time to teach others how to do the same. It has always been my passion to help others find balance between their business and their personal life. ✨During the Pandemic many small business owners had to find a new way to market if they wanted to keep their doors open. Online Businesses became more of a necessity than ever before. A lot of my friends that were part time Spiritual Business owners found themselves without their muggle job and in a position that they needed to continue to make money to pay their bills. As I sat at in my office going through the Etsy Reading orders that I had for the day, I realized that there was something I could do to help other Spiritual Business Owners Thrive. ✨Fast Forward to 2021, I now offer On-Demand Courses and Exclusive 1 on 1 Sessions for Spiritual Business Owners. I offer in depth Mentorship for Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook & Podcasts. ✨You’re probably wondering what makes these Courses and Exclusive Sessions any different than all the other online content about these platforms. ✨In these On-Demand Courses and Exclusive 1 on 1 Sessions, you will learn how to utilize these platforms specifically for your Spiritual Business, grow your following and implement Attraction Marketing. This means you will spend less time trying to figure out how to bring in new clients and more time creating new content.